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Ernie Abbott - 2020
(Music video directed & edited by Clive Copeman)

Released in March 2020, Ernie Abbott was the first single from Getting Sober For The End Of The World. 

The song is about the unsolved and ultimately botched terrorist bombing of the Wellington trade union headquarters in 1984. Caretaker Ernie Abbott was killed when he picked up the suitcase containing the bomb. 

Clive Copeman's excellent video captures the mood of the song beautifully.

Getting Sober For The End Of The World - 2020
(Music video directed & edited by Darren Watson)

The title track of Darren's latest album, this video was conceived, shot, and edited by him during the New Zealand-wide Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. 

The song is about trying to leave a better place for future generations by waking up and downsizing our lives. That's something that Watson believes was suitably demonstrated when the world didn't end when people got off the treadmill during the pandemic.

National Guy - 2018
(Music video directed & edited by Darren Watson)

The lead single from the album Too Many Millionaires. A song Darren wrote by taking quotes from right-wing shock jock Mike Hosking and rearranging them into verse. 

The video was filmed
 at Darren's local Ngaio Town Hall one evening. It was shot and edited on a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. Thanks for the loan of the lovely old RCA ribbon microphone goes to Dr. Lee Prebble of Wellington's Surgery Studios, where the album was recorded.

Marion - 2023
(Music video directed & edited by Clive Copeman)

Marion was a one off single, released in March 2023. It's a song about the ascent to heaven of amplified harmonica pioneer Little Walter Jacobs, whose first name was Marion.

The video was conceived and directed by Dunedin's Clive Copeman and shot at various locations around the city. 

This is the first music video of a Darren Watson song that Darren does not appear in.

Love Is An Ocean - 2010
(Music video directed by Dean Zillwood. Edited by Bradley Garber)

Love Is An Ocean was the single released in advance of 2010's Saint Hilda's Faithless Boy album. The song was later covered by Kiwi blues legend Midge Marsden on his Back To The Well album in 2014.

The video was recorded at Wellington's STL Studio in Webb Street and features Darren's band at the time
, The Real Deal Blues Band. 

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