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Guitar Lessons in person & online
(and soon you can buy video lessons from me!)

Welcome to the world of blues guitar. My name is Darren Watson, and I am a professional musician and guitar teacher with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Over the years, I have developed a unique teaching style that combines technical skill with passion and creativity. My lessons are tailored to suit all skill levels and are designed to be engaging and fun. With my guidance, you will learn to master the guitar and unlock your full potential as a musician. Lessons are available NOW in person or online.

I also offer lessons in singing and playing together, songwriting, and how to reco
rd it all properly. 

Basically if it's music and you want help with it I can help and we'll have a total blast learning together!

Check out the YouTube lessons below if you want a look at what I'm all about. Then send me an email and let's get started!


How to play finger-style
blues guitar like a master

Video Lessons with Darren Watson

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