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All the news (that's fit OR wheezing!)

Exciting news for blues guitar nuts! Darren has started work on a series of guitar tuition videos that will be available for purchase in the near future. Watch this space. In the meantime why not check out some of his FREE YouTube videos or email him to book a lesson or six? Read more about lessons HERE.

Darren's new single 'Something Gotta Give' is out now on Lamington Records. You can download a copy of the song from DW's Bandcamp page.

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Guitar Lessons in person & online

Welcome to the world of blues guitar! My name is Darren Watson, and I am a professional musician and guitar teacher with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Over the years, I have developed a unique teaching style that combines technical skill with passion and creativity. My lessons are tailored to suit all skill levels and are designed to be engaging and fun. With my guidance, you will learn to master the guitar and unlock your full potential as a musician. Lessons are available NOW in person or online.

I also offer lessons in singing and playing together, songwriting, and how to record it all properly.   
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Record your music with Darren Watson

Lamington Recording is Darren's home studio in Ngaio, Wellington. From a converted bedroom he has produced a lot of great music including his 2014 hit single 'Planet Key' and his most recent album 'Getting Sober For The End Of The World', which was nominated for an Aotearoa Music Award in 2021. He is currently producing Wellington-based Americana artist Matt Hay's new album and working on a follow-up single for the Taranaki-based Karen Clarke, after producing her well-received 'Fine Line' single a few months back.

Darren offers a range of services from singing or playing a part for your recording remotely all the way to ground-up arranging, recording and producing demos and releases of your songs. 

Get in touch about how Darren can help you NOW!

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